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Shed your old skin and build a new skin

Shedding old skin

The transition from winter to spring is the best time to shed your old skin cells and build up new radiant cells.

Compared to the harsh winds of winter, spring breezes have a softer and gentler effect and, combined with the warmer sun, the pleasant feeling it creates will affect your entire physiology. It is important to have a new, clear and fresh skin to take full advantage of the Prana (life-energy) brought to us by the gentle wind and tender sun rays during spring.

During winter, your skin is affected by both Vata and Kapha doshas and can become chapped, greyish, pale, rough, scaly, impure or clogged. Winter’s end is an ideal time to shed your old skin cells and this means shedding the rough, dry and cold Gunas (qualities) of Vata and the dark, damp and clogging Gunas of Kapha that have been absorbed by and accumulated in your cells, tissues and organ systems.

Skin renewal aids to the rescue

The most important skin renewal aids are pure water, fresh air, turmeric, cow’s milk, Ayurvedic herbs and the right skin care programme.

  • Turmeric Root with Turmeric PowderDrinking water regularly throughout the day enhances your complexion by flush out impurities and waste materials that have accumulated in the billions of cells in your body, including your skin cells
  • The lymphatic system is vital to our body’s ability to detoxify and revitalise cells and tissues, but when this important drainage system becomes clogged and sluggish, toxins build up in the skin. Turmeric is known in Ayurveda as an important detoxifying agent for the lymph system and hence for the skin
  • Cow’s milk is known in Ayurveda to release excessive fluids from the tissues, thus reducing bags under the eyes and any ‘puffy’ look in the face. Make sure the milk you buy is as close to nature as possible – raw, full-fat, organic, unpasteurised and unhomogenised is ideal
  • Over thousands of years, Ayurveda has evolved specific herbal, mineral and animal product combinations that work synergistically to help renew the skin
  • When done correctly, the right skin care programme will help purify, tone and nourish your skin.

Six-week skin renewal programme

Take internally:

Early morning: Upon rising drink 500ml of lukewarm pure spring or filtered water.

Radiant Skin MA962 and Youthful Skin MA989Breakfast: Take the Maharishi AyurVeda supplement Youthful Skin (MA989): 2 tablets after breakfast with warm water.

Mid-morning: Drink one litre of boiled warm water.

Lunch: Take Youthful Skin (MA989): 2 tablets after lunch with warm water.

Mid-afternoon: Take 100ml of warm whole full-fat milk with 1/4 tsp turmeric, 1/4 tsp cardamom and 1/4 tsp vanilla. If you cannot tolerate milk, then take the same spices with 100ml chamomile tea.

Supper: Take the Maharishi AyurVeda supplement Radiant Skin (MA926): After supper, take 1 tablet with water for the first 15 days, followed by 2 tablets with warm water for the remaining weeks.

Bedtime: Take 100ml warm whole full-fat milk with 1/4 tsp turmeric, 1/4 tsp cardamom and 1/4 tsp vanilla. If you cannot tolerate milk, then take the same spices with 100ml chamomile tea.

Weekly routine:


  • Mix 1 tbsp of gram flour (available in most supermarkets) with 1 tbsp of water
  • Apply the paste to the skin with circular strokes on the face, hands and feet. If you have time, mix more and apply to the whole body
  • Let the paste absorb into the skin for 1-2 minutes
  • Then massage the mix into the skin with circular strokes to exfoliate the dead skin cells
  • Rinse off the paste with lukewarm water.

Face mask:

Daily routine:

In the morning before shower:

In the evening before sleep:

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About the Author:

Charlotte Bech graduated as a medical doctor from the University of Copenhagen. She has previously worked as a surgeon in Gentofte Amtssygehus in gastrointestinal surgery, and as a medical doctor in the area of hematology at the most renowned referral hospital in Denmark (Rigshospitalet), and in the field of internal medicine/obstetrics in Tennessee, in the USA. She has taught at the medical school in Copenhagen for several years. She is currently running a private clinic in Copenhagen Denmark, supplementing modern medicine with Maharishi AyurVeda. She writes as a columnist in several national magazines, and she is the author of several books on topics of Ayurveda. She is Vice President for the European Ayurveda Medical Association (EURAMA), she is on faculty for Maharishi Invincible Nation University, and she is teaching courses for other medical doctors on Maharishi AyurVeda.


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